You May Love Eating Chocolate Now, But These Facts Will Make You Love It Even More

Do you love chocolate? Of course you do. You’re reading this sentence, so I assume you have a pulse. Well, here are some more reasons why it’s the best–as if tasting amazing wasn’t enough. If you don’t love chocolate, HOW? Before you get into your explanation, check out these pieces of smooth, creamy information and make sure that you actually don’t like chocolate and aren’t just supremely confused. Check them out!

The amount of caffeine in chocolate is actually quite low compared to coffee, tea, and other things often ingested to boost one’s energy.

Chocolate Facts 1


Chocolate is a natural painkiller.

Chocolate Facts 2


The sensation one receives from chocolate melting in their mouth can cause a more intense and longer-lasting pleasure than kissing.

Chocolate Facts 3


One chocolate chip will give you the energy to walk 150 feet.

Chocolate Facts 4

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40% of the world’s almonds are produced to be used in chocolate products.

Chocolate Facts 5


Dark chocolate aids the “good” bacteria in your body.

Chocolate Facts 6


Eating chocolate can help prevent tooth decay.

Chocolate Facts 7


Cacao beans were used by the Maya as currency.

Chocolate Facts 8


Hershey produces more than 80 million chocolate “Kisses” every day

Chocolate Facts 9

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Chocolate’s scent increases the amount of relaxation-inducing brainwaves.

Chocolate Facts 10

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 Regularly eating dark chocolate reduces ones risk of heart disease.

Chocolate Facts 11

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Eating chocolate will not result in breaking out with acne.

Chocolate Facts 12


Technically speaking, white chocolate is NOT chocolate.

Chocolate Facts 13


Eating dark chocolate can help protect your skin from being damaged by the sun.

Chocolate Facts 14


Chocolate is thought to be a good, all-natural cough suppressant.

Chocolate Facts 15


Eating dark chocolate can help improve your vision in low-contrast situations.

Chocolate Facts 16


 The anti-oxidants in chocolate will keep you looking young.

Chocolate Facts 17


Eating dark chocolate can help curb other less-healthy cravings.

Chocolate Facts 18


 Chocolate-related business kept the founder of Hershey’s from boarding the Titanic.

Chocolate Facts 19

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Chocolate milk is as effective of a post-workout recovery as many of the protein shakes sold in stores.

Chocolate Facts 20

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