Weatherproof Igloo Is A Year-Round Retreat In Your Backyard

Posted on Design 56

After some tough days at work, it’s not even enough to retreat to your home. So sometimes you need to retreat from a retreat (this one’s for you Inception fans) and this garden igloo is just for that.

This weatherproof garden dome is designed to be used throughout the year: “The multi-purpose structure allows for 360 degree views of your outdoor space while keeping you protected from theelements,” write its creators from Gardenigloo. “During warmer times, there are two windows and a door for ventilation. They’re easy to assemble and require no tools to make that happen.

The portable shed is also rust resistant, 100% recyclable and can be set up without tools in two hours. All sounds pretty awesome but did anybody actually put one to the test? If you have, make sure to leave your review in the comments below!

More info: garden igloo | demilked (h/t: designmilk)