Watch This Dog’s Adorable Apology After He Steals A Baby Girl’s Toy

Posted on Fun 15

“Oh s**t” moments are not just human – they are common to the entire animal kingdom. When Charlie the adorable beagle took his owner’s daughter’s toys away, she immediately protested, and he sprang into action to apologize!The way Charlie decided to fix his mistake was hilarious. He began piling toys into Laura’s baby chair, returning the toy he took with considerable interest. The little girl is eventually covered in toys, but she also stops crying!Charlie’s owner explains that “When Charlie takes any of Laura’s toys he always gives it back. We keep her toys in the basket, but he loves to open it and bring it to her (WITHOUT ASKING).” He responded to criticism that the video is staged by posting a video to Facebook showing Charlie retrieving toys without commands.

Little Laura started crying after Charlie the beagle stole her toy

Dog’s Adorable Apology 1

Charlie pulled out Laura’s toy box in an attempt to make things right

Dog’s Adorable Apology 2

Under his owner’s admonishing eye, Charlie began to bring Laura gifts and toys…

Dog’s Adorable Apology 3

…and even more toys and gifts…

Dog’s Adorable Apology 4

Dog’s Adorable Apology 5

Eventually, the little girl was covered in toys!

Dog’s Adorable Apology 6

Dog’s Adorable Apology 4