Vintage Ads From the 50s, 60s, and 70s

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Sorry, no QR codes here, just some good old fashioned advertisements that look like they should be in the Louvre when compared to the ones that around today. Back in the day, they didn’t need sex to sell things–okay, fine, they did, but it was done in a different way! They should class current ads up by making them look sort of like they’re paintings and not photographs. That should do it. Anyway, take a look at these vintage ads from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s! They’re really something to see!

After Six – 1950s

After Six - 1950s


Borrough’s – 1960s

Borrough's - 1960s

Daniel Yanes Arroyo

Budweiser – 1960s

Budweiser - 1960s

Daniel Yanes Arroyo

Chemstrand – 1950s

Chemstrand - 1950s


Corvette – 1950s

Corvette - 1950s


DeLuxe – 1960s

DeLuxe - 1960s

Daniel Yanes Arroyo

Dobbs – 1960s

Dobbs - 1960s

Found in Mom’s Basement

Dodge – 1960s

Dodge - 1960s

Daniel Yanes Arroyo

FIAT – 1960s

FIAT - 1960s

Daniel Yanes Arroyo

General Electric – 1960s

General Electric - 1960s

Daniel Yanes Arroyo

Green Giant – 1950s

Green Giant - 1950s


Hiram Walker’s – 1950s

Hiram Walker's - 1950s


Honda – 1960s

Honda - 1960s

Daniel Yanes Arroyo

Lightolier – 1960s

Lightolier - 1960s

Daniel Yanes Arroyo

Molson’s – 1950s

Molson's - 1950s


Monroe – 1960s

Monroe - 1960s

Daniel Yanes Arroyo

Ozite – 1960s

Ozite - 1960s


Polaroid – 1970s

Polaroid - 1970s


Riviera – 1970s

Riviera - 1970s


Ronrico – 1970s

Ronrico - 1970s

Found in Mom’s Basement

Score – 1960s

Score - 1960s


Smirnoff – 1950s

Smirnoff - 1950s


Sony – 1960s

Sony - 1960s

Daniel Yanes Arroyo

Western Electric – 1960s

Western Electric - 1960s

Found in Mom’s Basement

Ziggys – 1970s

Ziggys - 1970s


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Sony - 1960s cover