5 Ugliest Dog Breeds Ever

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Perhaps even for centuries, dogs have been one of the most faithful companions that mankind has ever had. Even the most rock solid hearts have been little match for the fuzzy and drool-covered allure of these animals. But with that having been said, not every dog lineage can endure on appearances alone. Plainly stated, there are simply some nasty looking dog breeds floating around, and some people have taken it upon themselves to have a yearly contest (with judges) to determine which one is the ugliest. It may be no coincidence that 2 of the planet’s 5 leading ugliest looking dogs are quite frequently the winners in such a not-so-embellishing competition.

Boston Terrier

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With their unusual shapes, disproportionate heads and protruding eyes, the Boston terrier is one of America’s dog varieties that originated in Boston and is so hideous that you can’t help but pity them. They are actually a cross-mix of English terriers and English bulldogs. Just envision each breed on its own and then mesh them together and this is what you’ve got. Some say that when you take their giant upright ears, it resembles Batman and they also have compact, muscular bodies with very short hair all over them. But just because these mutts are unattractive, doesn’t take away from their incredible intelligence and ability to train so easily. Some suggest the cleverness comes from the Boston terrier’s bullheadedness after it resists leaving something alone only after it has at long last figured it out.


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As cliche as it might be, the bulldog certainly has a face that only its mother could love. Would you believe that this miserable and grumpy looking animal is one of the most renowned breeds for American families? Although it isn’t known to race around or jump very much, it is more the loose-jointed, scuffling critter that has a distinguished character that, although ugly, is also quite amusing. For those that are not bothered by the unusual sounds that come from this breed’s crumpled face, it’s actually quite a good family dog because it seems to take a powerful liking to children.


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Some would say that the name “pug” would resemble something lovable or sweet, but if you take one quick glance at a pug then words to the contrary will no doubt appear in your mind. Although pugs tend to have rather delightful dispositions, their bulging eyes, wrinkly faces, upturned noses and extraordinary heads – compared to body size – bring forth excessive ugliness. Some wonder how these animals don’t get drowned in the rain with the way their noses point toward the sky. It is most fortunate for the pug that its ugliness can be outshined by its sociable, charming and playful character toward people.

Mexican Hairless

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This ugly hairless dog comes from the Xolo or Xoloitzcuintli breed. There was a time when it was believed – perhaps even until now – that this breed was said to ward off intruders and evil spirits within the ancient times of Mexico. Some think of this animal as a science venture that went terribly wrong. This hairless kind of dog has tough, yet smooth skin that has thinning sections of spiky hair that is usually located around the ears and head. But despite the ugliness, it is a fantastic family dog if the children won’t be too turned off by the hideous look. Enjoy making that work.

Chinese Crested

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Hands down, the Chinese crested dog is by far the ugliest looking creature on this list and one of the ugliest animals on the face of the earth. There are two varieties of this dog which are the powderpuff and hairless, but don’t let the name “powderpuff” trick you into thinking of anything other than one ugly dog. The small sections of silky, yet limp hair that embellishes their tails, feet and heads only seems to highlight the abnormal-looking balding of their physiques. What might be even stranger is that you can find both variations of this dog in a single litter. As ugly as these things tend to be, don’t let this fool you too much, as the Chinese crested dogs love companionship, are gentle and rather playful as well.

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