Trolling Tourists Made Weirdest Requests In Hotels And Got Them Delivered

Posted on Fun 309

Just like the kid in Home Alone 2, a hotel room gives me this feeling of unlimited freedom to do whatever nonsense I probably wouldn’t do at home. Some guys couldn’t even wait to do some of that nonsense before getting to their room, so they put in some of the most ridiculous requests to the hotel staff prior to their arrival. And to their (and our) surprise, the hotel staff did exactly what was asked of them.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of these brilliantly creative hotel staff members, who managed to pull off even the most bizarre requests (for example a camel in a hotel room. What?!). Hope they got tipped…

More info: demilked (h/t: boredpandaelitedaily)

1 I Asked for A Camel In My Hotel Room


Image source: branlmo

2 Asked For A Blanket Fort, No Girls Sign And A Towel Elephant


Image source: deper29

3 Every Time My Girlfriend And I Go On A Vacation, I Ask For A Picture Of Horse Saying “Hello!” In The “Special Requests” Section Of The Reservation Form. Finally, A Hotel Delivers


Image source: BKred09

4 This Hotel Pays Attention To Your Special Requests


Image source: DecentDudeDustin

5 I Put ‘I’d Like A Drawing Of A Dinosaur Please’ In The Special Requests Box


Image source: ashleypenny

6 One Way My Friend Entertains Himself While Traveling On Business


Image source: Jnut731

7 I Had The Funniest Hotel Concierge Ever During A Boring Business Trip


Image source: FreePsychicReadings

8 One Way My Friend Entertains Himself While Traveling On Business


Image source: Jnut731

9 Hotel Special Request


Image source: Jiggernauts

10 I Work At A Hotel And Got This Special Request Today


Image source: IDontRememberScramblingEggs

11 When I Booked My Hotel A Few Months Ago, I Put In A Few Special Requests As A Joke… Champagne, Roses And A Plastic Dinosaur


Image source: robtwood

12 Made A Special Request When I Booked My Hotel


Image source: memeguy

13 One Way My Friend Entertains Himself While Traveling On Business


Image source: Jnut731

14 Asked Hotel To Build Pillow Fort Upon Check-In. Hotel Delivers


Image source: Imgur

15 One Way My Friend Entertains Himself While Traveling On Business


Image source: Jnut731