Transparent Dome Shelters Campers While Offering Uninterrupted Views of Natural Surroundings

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Star gazing can be a beautiful experience, but a clear view of the night sky often means a lack of privacy or protection against inclement weather. The Oasis (or Oaze) dome intends to change that with its transparent structure that offers uninterrupted 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape. If you want privacy, however, simply close the thick fabric curtains that are installed around its interior.

Lithuanian designer Vytautas Puzeras created the portable housing as a way to feel connected with nature. Prior to Oasis, he hadn’t found anything suitable, which is why he opted to produce his own. The result has a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that features humidity resistant, curved wood supports with a flexible canopy. Its floors are raised to accommodate storage below. The structure takes half a day to set up, and once it’s time to move on, everything can fit in a small trailer or large car.

Puzeras has completed a prototype of this design. He’s currently testing the product in a variety of environments to determine how it will fare.