Tomatina Festival

La Tomatina Festival is a very popular event in Spain. Every year, thousands of people participate in this tomato fight. This festival was started in 1945 by accident, but presently La Tomatina is officially celebrated. The festival is always held on the last Wednesday of August. The participants throw tomatoes, crush them and squeeze them, and have a lot of fun.

Tomatina Festival 1

In 1957, the town council made this festival official, but people had to bring tomatoes from their homes. Starting in the 1980’s, the city government began providing tomatoes for participants to throw. Last year around 100 tons of ripe tomatoes were used. Spanish people love tomatoes and this is an intense way to show their tomato love. Last year, it was estimated that 40,000 people participated in this festival.

Tomatina Festival 2

The town council takes proper care for this festival. There are a certain set of rules that have to be followed by everyone so that none of the participants is hurt. These rules are listed as:

  • Bottles and other hard objects are forbidden.
  • Throwing and tearing of t-shirts is prohibited.
  • Tomatoes must be properly squashed.
  • People should be aware of lorries and trucks.
  • People should stop after the second shot.

These rules are simple and people must follow them in order to participate. The official website of La Tomatina provides information about what to wear as well as crazy photos of the people.

Tomatina Festival 3

This festival is celebrated for one hour with tomatoes all around. People wait for the first shot to start playing. This festival is full of entertainment and madness. The council arranges tomatoes and water to play. Everyone in Spain wishes to participate at some point in their lives.

Tomatina Festival 1