This Ring Lets You Feel The Heartbeat Of Your Loved Ones Wherever You Are

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Have you heard about that Apple Watch function where you can send your heartbeat to anyone? Well, a company called TheTouch has decided to take it a step further and implement the same functionality into a ring.

It’s called the HB ring and it allows its wearer to feel the heartbeat of a significant other with a simple tap on the ring. It uses Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone which then sends the signal to the other ring.

The rings share minimalist designs from stainless steel to rose gold, and they come with a virtually unscratchable sapphire crystal surface.

To pre-order yours, head over to TheTouch‘s website.

More info: the touch | facebook | demilked (h/t: boredpandamymodernmet)

The HB Ring lets you feel your loved one’s heartbeat no matter where you are


The rings connect to your phone via Bluetooth and require your phone to be online


Wearers can sync their rings to each other and the app simultaneously


They’re made from stainless steel with a protective sapphire crystal surface


All you have to do is tap the ring and you’ll be able to feel your loved one’s heartbeat in real time!


Watch the video below for more info: