This Orchestra Uses Vegetables Instead Of Instruments And It Sounds Amazing

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Let us introduce you to Vienna’s Vegetable Orchestra, an Austrian musical group which literally plays with food after crafting all of their instruments out of fresh veggies.

The group started in 1998, which is also considered the beginning of the whole genre, which is now being performed by a couple more groups around the world. The band consists of ten musicians, one cook, and one sound technician, all of whom are also active in various artistic areas (they are musicians, sound poets, sculptors, media artists, designers, and architects) and together they’ve worked on conceptualizing and carrying out this project.

The preparations start in the morning before the concert when the group hits the local market to pick the right veggies for the job. The process of turning those into instruments takes around 2-3 hours and when they’re all set – the concert starts.The magical performance

After the unique performance, the orchestra starts the social evening where they share the soup made out of leftover veggies used in the instrument-crafting process. Man, these guys sure don’t let anything go to waste…

More info: vegetable orchestra |  demilked (h/t: great big story)

This is how they sound: