This Olympic Swimmer’s Reactions Take Internet By Storm And People Can’t Stop Loving Her

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20-year-old Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui is taking internet by storm with her adorkable reactions at the Rio Olympics. During last Sunday’s semi-finals of the women’s 100m backstroke, she achieved a personal best and made it to the finals but she had no idea about it until a reporter told her. Yuanhui’s sincere reaction was so contagious, she became a source for endless memes and articles on social media.

If that wasn’t enough, on Monday night, after competing in the finals, she was informed by the same journalist that she won a bronze medal and her unrestrained joy won everyone’s hearts. And it’s not just the Olympics getting to Yuanhui, she was just as excited during the 2015 FINA World Championships when her team won the relay. Nothing fake about her!

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20-year-old Fu Yuanhui had no idea she made it to the finals at the Rio Olympics until a reporter told her


The next day, the dorky swimmer won a bronze medal and she just couldn’t contain herself


Her unrestrained joy quickly won the hearts of everyone watching the Olympics


And she was just as excited during the 2015 FINA World Championships when her team won the relay!


She’s definitely not afraid to show a little emotion


Just look at that face!


Of course, sometimes she feels pain like the rest of us…


But that doesn’t stop her one bit!


There’s nothing fake about her


You do you, Yuanhuim. You do you.


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