This Is Why You Should Probably Not Light One Million Firecrackers Off At The Same Time

Posted on Fun 18

Every day all around the world people are doing some crazy stuff. Here we a video where a number of people are gathered and they have placed one million firecrackers in the street and connected them all together. Next thing you know these people are starting to film this whole event where all of the firecrackers get lit up at the same time. It lasts for less than a minute and because of a large firepower, one big cloud of dust forms up in the air and it looks pretty frightening to be honest. We hope these people knew what they were doing and that no one got hurt in the end.

Was this event some kind of a contest for the Guinness book of records or just for fun we are not sure. All we know is although this show looks amazing, it is also very dangerous and someone could get hurt easily. Please do not try this at home or go doing this sort of stuff with your friends in the street.

One Million Firecrackers