This Is What Happens When Being Romantic Goes Very, Very Wrong. Never Try This.

Guys, take notice. You can be the most romantic man in the world… and still be stupid. The kind of stupid where you don’t think things through because you’re blinded by love. When this happens,badddd things can happen. Just ask Amanj Issen.In theory, what he did for his girlfriend seemed incredibly heartfelt and sweet. In reality? It turned into a disaster that he should’ve seen coming.

Knowing that his girlfriend, Jana Stankeviciute, was finally coming home after being away on a trip, Amanji sprung into action and decided to make her feel loved and missed.



He went and bought her flowers…



…and chilled champagne…



And even set up a rose filled candlelit welcoming. Can you guess where he made his mistake?



After she called him to help bring her bags upstairs, they both heard a loud bang from the street. Sure enough, it was their home burning. Oops.



The pile of tea lights was supposed to be romantic, but Amanji’s burning love was just a little too dangerous. Although he burned down their home and forced them to desperately scramble to find new housing, Jana admitted afterwards that she loved the idea and pictures. In fact, Amanji was so surprised by her reaction that he’s even said he plans to recreate the scene for her again one day. … just without all of the “house burning.”All we can say is if she’s ok with you burning down the house Amanji, she must be a keeper. Better put a ring on it, and quick.If you know any romantically blinded fellows out there like Amanji, please share using the buttons below. Hopefully they’ll get the hint.