This App Is Like Shazam For Art, And It Will Transform Your Visits To Museums

Posted on Technology 14

Back in the day, a little app called Shazam has revolutionized the way we discover and recognize music. And now there is another attempt to make us smarter, but this time it’s all about art.

The app is called Smartify, and it works in tandem with your phone’s camera, which scans the artwork in front of it at pushes a stream of information in real time. Besides the name of the artwork, the creators of the app promise you a story behind it and even some in-depth audio analysis of the piece, as well as the ability to save art into your own personal collection.

So far the app will work in 30 major art galleries and museums around the world, but the creators are hoping that many more will join along the way.

The app is available for free on Android and iOS, so head out to the closest gallery and let us know how well it does!

More info: for Android | for iOS | demilked (h/t: creativebloq)

Just scan the artwork using the app

And get instant information about the artwork, including the audio guide

Here’s the intro: