These Photos Capture Unbelievable Cargo Transported By Motorbike

Your tiny bike basket can only dream of transporting the incredible amount of things carried by these bikers in Vietnam. In his book entitled Bikes of Burden, photographer Hans Kemp provides a glimpse of the towering piles of precious cargo transported by motorbike each day in Vietnam. Ranging from common items such as baskets and eggs to more motley collections like hula hoops and goldfish, the perfectly-packed loads reveal the quirky scope of things offered for sale and seem to completely disregard the physics of high-speed movement, gravity, and acceleration.

bikesofburden01 bikesofburden02 bikesofburden04 bikesofburden05

Kemp suggests that the popularity of moving goods by bike in Vietnam results from an economy driven by 90 million street vendors and consumers alongside a very high demand for fresh ingredients. “[There is] no frozen meat or fish here–the way to the consumer is short and direct from the farm, the abattoir and the dock,” he notes. Plus, narrow roads and congested traffic make biking the fastest way to connect people with the goods they need.

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With impeccable towers assembled, Jenga-style, on the backs of their vehicles, these bikers demonstrate immense balance, efficiency, and expertise–all with no expensive bike gear needed. See more of these amazing deals on wheels in Kemp’s book and on his website.

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