These Nine Pieces Of Origami Are So Perfect And Small

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Origami is the art of paper folding. Some origami can be simple and some can be very complex. It is a difficult art form to master, but once someone becomes an expert, he or she can create almost any figure in any shape or size.

Since all you need is some paper, time, and motivation, there’s countless examples of unique origami out there. People are always coming up with new designs and ideas, and this helps make origami a continually developing form. One kind of origami that is extremely difficult to make is micro (or mini) origami. As you can imagine, the smaller the origami, the harder it is to get the shapes and angles correct. But when it works out, mini origami is incredible.

A Frog

1 Origami  A Frog

Emre Ayaroglu

A Dragon

2 Origami  A Dragon

Gonzalo García Calvo

 A Rose

3 Origami  A Rose

Lisa Deng

A Cat

4 Origami   Cat


A Donkey

5 Origami  Donkey

Gonzalo García Calvo

A Crane

6 Origami  Crane

Brian Chan

An Organ Player and Organ

7 Origami  An Organ Player and Organ

Paulius Mielinis

An Elephant

8 Origami  Elephant

Adriano Davanzo

A Tessellation

9 Origami  Tessellation

Joel Cooper

1 Origami A Frog