These Innovative Pizza Boxes Save Space And Keep Your Hands Grease-Free

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Grease in your mouth, not on your hands. Maryland Institute College of Arts student Yinan Wang might have just changed the pie game forever with her project ‘Toss’, a packaging design that features miniature pizza boxes for individual slices.

Designed unlike the traditional square box, the concept is composed of several triangular boxes that can cluster together or go their separate ways. Each box also has a detachable holder that will keep your hands grease-free while eating. Once you’re done, storing the leftovers will be easy. You can stack them in the fridge, utilizing the storage space more efficiently than a bulky box.

It also displays the nutritional contents at the back, but anyone gorging on a few slices knows that it’s futile to care about nutrition. You can find out more about Yinan over on her Behance page.

Miniature-boxes-for-individual-pizza-slices-keep-your-hands-clean-while-eating1-650x434 Miniature-boxes-for-individual-pizza-slices-keep-your-hands-clean-while-eating5-650x434 Miniature-boxes-for-individual-pizza-slices-keep-your-hands-clean-while-eating21-650x434 Miniature-boxes-for-individual-pizza-slices-keep-your-hands-clean-while-eating33-650x434 Miniature-boxes-for-individual-pizza-slices-keep-your-hands-clean-while-eating41-650x434