These Friends Built A Working Boat Out Of Plastic Bottles

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Jan Kara, and Jakub Bures were not happy about the constant flow of garbage polluting the world’s oceans and waterways. Specially, they weren’t happy about plastic bottle pollution. Plastic constitutes about 90% of the trash that’s floating on our oceans. So, they decided to do something about it.No, they didn’t hand out fliers, or share petitions on Facebook. They decided to do something that would send a message: They built a boat out of plastic bottles and are sailing it across Europe.

Jakub Bures (left) and Honza Kara

Plastic Bottles Boat 1


The first step was to attach the bottles to each other. Before that though, Bures and Kara filled them with dry ice. This was done to give them extra buoyancy

Plastic Bottles Boat 2

The duo used more than 50,000 bottles to construct their boat

Plastic Bottles Boat 3

After the base of the boat was done, a frame was needed to the support the bottles once they were in the water

Plastic Bottles Boat 4

 Bures and a friend attaching a rudder to the boat frame

Plastic Bottles Boat 5

They built the control mechanism of the boat from repurposed bicycle parts

Plastic Bottles Boat 6

Their ultimate goal? Sail the plastic bottle boat down the Elbe River from their hometown of Nymburk in the Czech Republic, to the city of Hamburg, Germany

Plastic Bottles Boat 7

The purpose of the trip down the Elba (besides adventure) is to raise awareness of plastic bottle pollution in Europe

Plastic Bottles Boat 8

 But would their boat actually float?

Plastic Bottles Boat 9

Yes it did. They set sail on July 12, 2014

Plastic Bottles Boat 10

“There are lots of people who support us,” Kara told the BBC. “But there are also lots of people who are convinced we’re going to sink after 10 metres. So it’d be worth it just to prove it to them.”

Plastic Bottles Boat 11

The view from inside the cabin (also made of plastic bottles) looking out

Plastic Bottles Boat 12

Plastic Bottles Boat 13

The total journey will be 530 miles, and has been going well so far

Plastic Bottles Boat 14

No steering or other technical malfunctions

Plastic Bottles Boat 15

In total they’re expecting the adventure to last a month or two before they reach Hamburg

Plastic Bottles Boat 16

Here’s an approximation of their journey’s route. From Prague in the south, to Hamburg in the north

Plastic Bottles Boat 17

Plastic Bottles Boat 16