These Floating Flowers Are Actually A Dessert Sold In Japan

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Some flowers are pretty enough to eat – and that’s exactly what you do when you bite down on one of the Bavarian cream pastries from Tokyo based Havaro. The store is located in the Ichibangai shopping area in Tokyo station. The pastries include actual flowers – the petals are described as bitter, but not enough to distract from the sweetness – and are hard to make. As such, the cakes sell out daily and customers are advised to come early.

The name “Havaro” is composed of “hana”, the Japanese word for flower, and the Japanese pronunciation of “Bavarois”. The Bavarian cream is a classic dessert, one of many in the repertoire of Marie-Antoine Carême. He was a 19th century celebrity chef well known for his use of Grande cuisine.

From the tables of European kings to a small store in Tokyo, what a ride!

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