These 28 Chairs Prove That Furniture Can Be Art

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These 28 creative chairs and armchairs will prove that even something as mundane as a chair can be turned into a work of art in the hands of a skilled designer or artist.One of the coolest things about these chairs is that almost all of them seem like they’d actually be comfortable. Finding a delicate balance between artistry and comfort is no easy feat, especially when your chair is a giant skull or a cactus. It is the fine balance struck between ergonomics and art that makes them so impressive.

Animal Chairs

Animal Chairs 1

Animal Chairs 2

Animal Chairs 3

Designed by Max Riera

Skull Chair

Skull Chair

Designed by Pool

The Cut Chair

The Cut Chair

Designed by Peter Bristol

Suitcase Chairs

Suitcase Chairs 1

Suitcase Chairs 2

Designed by Katie Thomspon

Coffee Chair

Coffee Chair 1

Coffee Chair 2

Designed by Sunhan Kwon

Hybrid Chairs

Hybrid Chairs 1

Hybrid Chairs 2

Designed by Merve Kahraman

Ghost Chair

Ghost Chair 1

Ghost Chair 2

Designed by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn

Inception Chair

Inception Chair 1

Inception Chair 2

Inception Chair 3

Designed by Vivian Chiu

The Prickly Chair

The Prickly Chair 1

The Prickly Chair 2

Designed by Valentina Glez Wohlers

Lathe Chairs

Lathe Chairs 1

Lathe Chairs 2

Designed by Sebastian Brajkovic

Hollow Chair

Hollow Chair1

Hollow Chair2

Designed by Staight Line Designs

Pink Chair

Pink Chair

Designed by Vladimir Tsesler

Skull Armchair

Skull Armchair 1

Skull Armchair 2

Skull Armchair 3

Designed by Harold Sangouard

Samurai Chair

Samurai Chair 1

Samurai Chair 2

Designed by Seo Young Moon

Quiet Chair

Quiet Chair

Designed by TILT

Customised Panton Chair

Customised Panton Chair 1

Customised Panton Chair 2

Image credits: Jump Studio

Peacock Chair

Peacock Chair 1

Peacock Chair 2

Peacock Chair 3

Designed by uufie

Quartz Armchair

Quartz Armchair 1

Quartz Armchair 2

Designed by

Magica Chairs

Magica Chairs 1

Magica Chairs 2

Designed by David Conti

Spike Chair

Spike Chair 1

Spike Chair 2

Designed by Alexander Lervik

Layers Cloud Chair

Layers Cloud Chair 1

Layers Cloud Chair 2

Layers Cloud Chair 3

Designed by Richard Hutten

Fadeout Chair

Fadeout Chair 1

Fadeout Chair 2

Fadeout Chair 3

Designed by Nendo

The Bloom Chair

The Bloom Chair 1

The Bloom Chair 2

The Bloom Chair 3

Designed by Kenneth Cobonpue