The World’s 10 Hairiest People

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Yu Zhenhuan

1 Yu Zhenhuan

2 Yu Zhenhuan

A native of Anshan China, this child began growing hair at the age of 2. As he continued to grow, so did his hair. Now, as an adult, hair covers nearly 96% of his body and is reputedly so thick around his ears that he sometimes has a hard time hearing.

Jesús Aceves

1 Jesús Aceves

2 Jesús Aceves

While most of his body’s hair-growth is normal, Jesús Aceves of Mexico has a rare condition known as hypertrichosis that makes hair grow from all of his facial pores. This has led to him being given the nickname “monkey man” though we think he looks more like the wolf man from the 1940s film.

Ramos Gomez brothers

1 Ramos Gomez brothers

2 Ramos Gomez brothers

Suffering from hypertricosis, these brothers have made a living out of their hair. Victor and Gabriel Ramos Gomez work as trampoline acrobats and have even been invited to play parts in the X-Files because of their unique look.

Stephan Bibrowski

1 Stephan Bibrowski

2 Stephan Bibrowski

A circus legend, Stephan Bibrowski lived in the late 1800s. and was best known by his show-name Lionel the Lion-Faced Man. Not only does his facial hair give him the look of having a lion’s mane, thick hair covered his whole body. Attempting to explain her son’s condition, Stephan’s mother insisted that his appearance was the result of her witnessing Stephan’s father being mauled by a lion while she was pregnant with Stephan.

Pruthviraj Patil

1 Pruthviraj Patil

2 Pruthviraj Patil

Born with “werewolf syndrome,” Pruthviraj Patil has thick, matted hair over his entire body. While his parents have tried various cures for the disease, including traditional Indian remedies, laser surgery, and homeopathic cures, nothing has worked.

Annie Jones

1Annie Jones

2Annie Jones

Another circus legend, Annie Jones toured with P.T. Barnum as the famous “bearded woman.” As she rose to become the most famous bearded woman of her time, Jones became an activist who fought to change the way that society viewed her and other circus “freaks” as they were called. She tried unsuccessfully to gain greater respect and sympathy for those with disorders who had been driven to circus life.

Supatra Sasuphan

Supatra Sasuphan 1

Supatra Sasuphan 2

A rare sufferer from “werewolf syndrome,” which has only had 50 documented cases since the Middle Ages, Supatra Sasuphan’s life has not been an easy one. School was been an endless stream of ridicule and name-calling until she became famous as a Guinness World Record holder. Now, her classmates respect her and have accepted her into their circle.

Julia Pastrana

1 Julia Pastrana

2 Julia Pastrana

Another famed circus/sideshow attraction in Europe, Julia Pastrana was a native Mexican born with hypertrichosis. Because of her facial features, including large ears and nose as well as a large jaw, interest in Pastrana extended beyond the show business: Charles Darwin saw her as a link in the genetic chain between man and ape. In Darwin’s own words: “Julia Pastrana…had a thick masculine beard and a hairy forehead; …she had in both the upper and lower jaw an irregular double set of teeth, one row being placed within the other, of which Dr. Purland took a cast. From the redundancy of the teeth her mouth projected, and her face had a gorilla-like appearance.”

Percilla Bejano



Another bearded lady, Percilla was born in 1911 in Puerto Rico. When her facial hair began to come in, her parents flew her to New York City for examination by a team of doctors. Doctors treated and studied her for 7 months before she returned to her native country. Happily married for many years, Percilla lived to be 89 years old, passing away in 2001.

Fedor Jeftichew



Looking like a cousin of the famed Chewbacca from the Star Wars series, Fedor Jeftichew lived a long time ago in a society far far away from what we know now. His abundant facial hair attracted the attention of the famed P.T. Barnum, with whom Fedor toured as “Jo Jo The Dog Faced Boy.”

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