Stranger Things’ Eleven Made Into A Bleeding Nose Candle Holder

Posted on Design 22

The new season of Stranger Things was launched just a couple days ago and the fans are raving about it. To celebrate the important release the creatives at Firebox has come up with a clever piece of merchandise that is sure to creep you out. This candle holder, shaped like Eleven’s shaved head from the previous season, “bleeds” wax from the nose as the candle melts away imitating the character’s expression when she uses her telekinetic abilities.

The company claims that it is “possible the strangest thing” they’ve ever created and it comes with two red candles and a ‘nose picker’ to clean out the precious sinuses. If you’re one of the biggest fans of the show and you wish to admire this “giant ornament” “bleeding out” onto your table, be ready to pay £29.99 (about $40) and wait ’till it’s back in stock on December 14th…

More info: | demilked (h/t boredpanda)