Spanish Artist Pejac Spreads Poetic Street Art Around European Cities

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Pejac is the pseudonym of a Spanish artist who started painting on walls after he got annoyed about his art teachers’ attitude towards art. Since then, he has been painting on the streets to bring his art to people who can’t or don’t visit museums. Pejac’s paintings can be also found on walls of Moscow, Paris, Istanbul, London and Milan.

Both melancholy and humour are the locomotive of my works. They create a poetic language whose essence doesn’t rely on simple beauty, but on the hidden side of everything,” he told Spanish newspaper 20minutos.

People’s reactions make me go on. Adult life is pure inertia, which seem to be broken only by bad news or incentives, and if I can make people think, it all makes sense,” says the artist.

Phiedra (Madrid)

Phiedra (Madrid)

Stain (Santander)

2 Stain (Santander)

Curtains (Valencia)

3 Curtains (Valencia)

Bird spreader (Salamanca)

4 Bird spreader (Salamanca)

Blind Windows Series (Istanbul)

5 Blind Windows Series (Istanbul)

6 Blind Windows Series (Istanbul)

Weaver (Salamanca)

7 Weaver (Salamanca)

Dust (Santander)

8 Dust (Santander)

Exit To Surrealism (Paris)

9 Exit To Surrealism (Paris)

Ants (Paris)

10 Ants (Paris)

My Only Flag (Moscow)

11 My Only Flag (Moscow)

Vandal-ism (Paris)

12 Vandal-ism (Paris)

Pejac In Action

13 Pejac In Action

4 Bird spreader (Salamanca)