Soothing 24-Hour Clock Without Numbers Tracks Your Day By the Colors of the Sky

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Designer Scott Thrift has transformed time telling into a thing of beauty with his clock called Today. Newly-launched, the device is a 24-hour timepiece that operates sans numerals and has a singular hand that slowly rotates around its face. The day is simplified into a gradient of jewel-toned colors that represent dawn, noon, dusk, and midnight.

While looking at a conventional clock can fill us with a sense of dread, Today inspires the opposite. Its gradual transition between hues fosters balance, calm, and a sense of renewal. “The design of the face tries to capture that feeling of wonder you get when you look out at the clouds passing by from 30,000 ft,” Thrift explains. “My hope is that Today brings the limitless potential you feel up there, down here.” It will stretch your perception of time, serving as a powerful reminder to make space in life for the things that can’t be measured.

For those who want to redefine their day, Thrift’s design is now available for preorder on Kickstarter.

More info: mymodernmet | Kickstarter

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