San Francisco’s Candy-Colored Houses Celebrate Arrival of Spring

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Finally, spring has sprung! As the long-awaited flowers bloom and the snow melts away, we say “goodbye” to the gloom and “hello” to the sunny shades of the season—a palette that is perpetually present in San Francisco’s charming, candy-colored houses. In his polychromatic feed, Instagram user Patrix15 explores the city’s captivatingly colorful architecture.

Sprawled across the historic and hilly city, the Technicolor homes capture the quirky and free-spirited feel of San Francisco. The meticulously painted exterior home colors range from pastels—like mint green, pale pink, and cream accents—to bright and bold hues like electric yellow and neon blue. Accentuating the intricate moldings and embellishments of the popular and prevalent Victorian and Edwardian styles, the paint jobs consist of multiple tones and tints. The result? The one-of-a-kind color combinations characteristically found on many of the city’s striking streets.

Patrix15 regularly shares snaps of these enchanting homes on his vivid and vibrant Instagram account. In addition to San Francisco’s brightest buildings, he also posts photos of some of the city’s most colorful gems, from psychedelic stairways to sugary-sweet cars . Sometimes, he even ventures outside of the 49-square-mile city to capture magical houses in other cities across California—though he always returns to the city by the bay.

Instagram | mymodernmet h/t: [Design Sponge]

All images via Patrix15.