Rubik’s Cube-Shaped Table Uses Strong Magnets to Look like It’s Floating

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The Float table is a piece of furniture comprised of a matrix of wooden blocks that seem to levitate in perfect alignment. At first glance, this Rubik’s Cube-looking counter looks like it’s engineered by pure magic, but the secret to its construction is magnets! Brooklyn-based designers RockPaperRobot magnetized each each cube so that they repel one another; and to keep the blocks from floating away, they are held by a system of tensile steel cables.

This clever use of physics allows the table to be functional while also having a playful side to it. Press on the blocks with your hand and they’ll move together but never out of order, thanks to their powerful magnets. So, you can be sure that when you set a book or cup of coffee on the table, it will remain sturdy.

The Float table is much more than meets the eye, and this sentiment is the driving force for RockPaperRobot’s creations. “We relish in defying expectations through artful execution with a staunch allegiance to utility, (apparent) simplicity and technical excellence,” they explain. Watch the video below to see their work in action.









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