Reclaimed Gnarled Wood Branches Seamlessly Flow from Ornate Picture Frames

Posted on Art 152

Artist Darryl Cox combines the rigidity of ornate framing with the beauty of gnarled tree branches. Aptly calling them Fusion Frames, the two seemingly disparate elements have both found a new life as one stunning form. The reclaimed branch (or root) appears to effortlessly grow from the repurposed, decorative frames—a visual juxtaposition that makes their seamless transition from the stiff rectangles to organic twisted limbs all the more impressive.

Despite the differences, there’s a harmonious feel to frame and branch. They gracefully flow into one another, as if this partnership was meant to be. This delicate balance is thanks to Cox’s careful curation. He’ll often spend a day or two in the forests of Central Oregon searching for extraordinary branches and roots. After pairing just the right frame with his outdoor find, he marries them with a combination of woodwork, sculpting, and painting. The end result is clearly worth it to the artist, as he says, “I find it meaningful to commit the time required to merge a man-made as well as natural element into an artwork that captures imagination.”

If you’re interested in having one of these artworks in your home, Cox sells selections through his website.

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All images via Darryl Cox.