Quirky Teardrop-Shaped Shelves Add Unconventional Style to Everyday Decor

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When you think of shelving, your first thought might be a tall, narrow structure that rests against the wall. It’s not exactly the most exciting piece of furniture, but it’s certainly practical. The Wavertree Co. changes the perception of ordinary shelves with their quirky, teardrop-shaped designs. The unconventional pieces hang from the wall and display your favorite knickknacks with a playful-yet-refined style.

Inspired by mid-century design, Wavertree has handcrafted their shelving using red cedar and pine wood. To produce its smooth, graceful shape, the wooden strips are steamed, bent, and hardened into their eye-catching form. The pieces are then stained—in mahogany or a clear finish—and fitted with shelves or dividers. Lastly, they’re topped with a rope loop for easy hanging.

Wavertree’s beautiful teardrop shelving is sold exclusively in their Etsy shop.

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Teardrop-Shaped Shelves 1

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