Quirky Socks Immortalizing Artists Let You Wear Famous Painters on Your Feet

Posted on Design 103

Fans of art history and puns have found a kindred spirit in ChattyFeet, a company known for their quirky and unusual footwear. They’ve recently launched a series of colorful artist socks that immortalize famous folks throughout painting such as Frida Khalo (known as Frida Callus), Vincent van Gogh (aka Vincent Van Toe), and Picasso (lovingly called Feetasso).

The delightful designs feature the artists’ faces stretched over the toes while legs are reserved for the motifs and colors associated with the particular person. Van Gogh’s socks have swirling patterns akin to his Starry Nightpainting while Picasso’s signature striped turtleneck trails beneath his stylized face.

For those looking to creatively warm their feet, ChattyFeet sells their garments through their online shop.

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Frida Callus


Vincent Van Toe


Andy Sock-Hole


David Sock-Knee