5 Poorest Countries In The World

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You have heard the puzzling question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” but we have a different inquiry for you: Which came first, a financial system surviving on life support or constrained possibilities for individuals? The five poorest countries that are showcased on this list have been struggling with this question for decades. All of them have had stagnant agricultural communities that haven’t seen the benefits of the industrial revolution. If they had, things would greatly increase in domesticated goods, which so happens to be the standard way of measuring a nation’s complete economic output. If no possibilities open up for these countries, then the road to monetary well-being will be incredible long. There are various ways to measure a country’s poverty levels. The one we will use is GDP at the purchasing power parity, which carefully offers a clearer image of the living standards. GDP PPP exchanges the products of a nation into American dollars for a comparison of apples-to-apples.


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It’s true that copper and gold are here for some of the people to mine, however, there are about 80% of the locals that are farmers and only 7 out of 10 people are able to read and write. This country is found on the borders of Ethiopia and Sudan which are along the Red Sea, and the farmers here struggle against continuous drought conditions and a serious shortage of working class which is induced by the strict military draft from the government. Because of Eritrea’s per capita GDP of $777, it’s very clear to see that it is one of the most impoverished nations in the world.


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The state of Maryland and Burundi are roughly the same land mass, but Burundi has double the population. Across this country, 1 out of 10 Burundians are surviving on farming alone. With commodity costs and numerous droughts impacting the revenue that gets generated from the biggest crops, like coffee and tea, one of the most significant motives for why this country’s per capita PPP gross nationwide product of $640 is what deems it the 4th poorest country on earth. As well, only an alarming 2% or less of their population has electricity within their rural culture.


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Zimbabwe is a landlocked nation with $516 per capita PPP gross national product, making it the 3rd country that is least affluent in the world. Zimbabwe has its typical rich, natural African resources but has been subjected to a tumultuous decade of unproductive economic strategies and war. Zimbabwe is chiefly an agrarian economy, but they go through drought after drought, which brings mayhem when they attempt to meet the crop demands. They mainly generate revenue through tobacco and grain. There is opportunity for economic growth in the mining trades for diamonds, coal, copper and gold.


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What might be shocking to many is that 2/3 of the Liberian population are surviving on $1 every day. This nation is nearly the size of Tennessee and has been shattered by civil wars while maintaining a per capita GDP of $490. Liberia is situated along the Atlantic coastline of Africa and has very suitable weather conditions for its primary industry of agriculture, with rice as its greatest crop. Liberia has the economic potential to take advantage of both its diamond mining and timber harvesting.

Democratic Republic of Congo

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In accordance with Global Finance magazine, the Democratic Republic of Congo (previously known as Zaire) has ranked very last in GDP per capital for 2011. This is even the case regardless of their economic growth over the last decade. There is only $364 per person that is generated in Congo’s economic environment. This African country rests upon massive gold and coltan deposits as well as other natural resources. Congo is the 19th most populated nation in the world, but thanks to the corruption in the mining trade, employment prospects have been bound up and foreign buyers have been pressured to stay away.

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