Polish Artist Illustrates His Fight With Depression In These Dark And Mysterious Paintings

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Depression is not an easy thing to deal with, but sometimes you can take your weakness and turn it into something beautiful.

That’s exactly what polish artist Dawid Planeta did. To help himself cope with an illness, he created an imaginary world where a small man is traveling through the long forgotten jungle and meeting his weaknesses and fears presented as giant animals with glowing eyes.

The visions created by the artist has this sort of a menacing quality to them. They’re dark and mysterious, but at the same time hauntingly beautiful.

More info: minipeople.tumblr.com | demilked facebook (h/t)

“One challenge at a time, I try to turn into the face of fear and tell it “you are not my master, you are the product of myself and I am your master.” I look into the monster’s eyes until it disappears. Then I am free.” ― Rohvannyn Shaw

“Never go into the deep parts of the forest, for there are many dangers there, both dark and bright, and they will ensnare your soul.” ― Robert Beatty, Serafina and the Black Cloak

“Allow the power to flow through you. Don’t try to capture it. You wish only to borrow it.” ― G.G. Collins

“The deeper I go into myself the more I realize that I am my own enemy.” ― Floriano Martins

“If size really mattered, the whale, not the shark, would rule the waters.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo

“Stopping, sitting down and finding time for reflection are considered to be the most essential action related to fulfilling a human’s destination.” ― Sunday Adelaja

“The most important thing is this: to sacrifice what you are now for what you can become tomorrow.” ― Shannon L. Alder

“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.” ― J.M. Barrie, The Little White Bird

“The stiller you are the calmer life is.” ― Rasheed Ogunlaru

“Everything you can imagine is real.” ― Pablo Picasso