People Who Proudly Shared Their New Tattoos Online And Instantly Regretted It

Posted on Fun 16

We can’t urge you strongly enough to do at least a little bit of research before getting a tattoo. Otherwise, you might end up like these guys, who figured out the true meaning of their tattoos only after posting them on the social media.

From Japanese hieroglyphs lost in translation to third-grade level typos, these are as hilarious as they are painful to their owners. But hey, I guess you have to learn somehow…

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demilked (h/t: collegehumorboredpanda)

1 New Tattoo

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2 Penta – 5 Points

3 Love Overcomes All Obstacles

4 Life Go’s On

5 Oh F*ck

6 Girl Who Posts A Lot Of Religiously Passionate Statuses Ended Up Showing Off Her Tattoo

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7 Picnic Table

8 Patients Is A Virtue

9 Family Is Everithing

10 Lesbian Tattoo Fail

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11 Your Not Better Than Me

12 Powerful Soul

13 What’s “Shutterstock”?

14 Anchors Sink! Why Is That So Hard To Understand?

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15 That’s The Way It Said

16 Welfare Is Always There

17 You Won’t Even See The Hands