People Are Posting Their Most Embarrassing Childhood Photos, And It’s Impossible Not To Laugh

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We all have THAT embarrassing photo from the past that we kept in a locked drawer or a hidden computer folder. As much as our former selves would hate to admit, our moms were right when they said it was just a phase.

Bored Panda has recently asked its users to post their most regretful childhood pictures. Now, we’ve picked out the funniest ones and combined them with other embarrassing throwback photographs for the ultimate effect. The list features shots of angsty Marilyn Manson fans, color-matching divas, and other hilarious photos. Even if some of these ‘phases’ might seem distant to you, they’re all part of the period we all go through – the search for identity. Scroll down to enjoy the photos, and don’t hesitate to submit your own!

Bored Panda

1 Ahh, 1988. The Year My Family Had The Same Haircut


2 I Count 6 Bangs


3 I Thought I Was The Baddest Sh*t


4 I Begged My Parents For This Picture


5 I Shaved The Middle Of My Head And Dressed Up Like An Old Man In High School


6 I Took The Ginger To The Next Level

7 I Show My Boyfriend One Picture From My Childhood And Suddenly Reproducing With Me Is Off The Table


8 Blundering Through 2nd Grade


9 I Was A Vampire. No, It Wasn’t Halloween


10 Business On The Top, Party On The Sides