One golden retriever + eight birds + one hamster = one big happy animal family!

Posted on Fun 18

Like humans, dogs have different personalities and temperaments. Some dogs are playful, some are shy. Some bark or growl at every stranger they see, yet others are extremely caring and can even be trusted to watch over little humans.

Biologically, dogs are predators and they are equipped with strong teeth, muscles and instinct to go after smaller animals, but some domesticated dogs have such warm personalities they get along just fine with cats, rabbits, or even tinier creatures such as hamsters and birds. Bob the golden retriever is one of those gentle giants, and he’s been winning the hearts of Instagrammers with adorable pictures of him snuggling up to his little pals. Check them out!

It is sometimes challenging to keep the peace and harmony between pets of the same species, much less different types of animals. But that doesn’t stop some animal lovers from having more than one kind of pet in the home. Bob’s owner not only has the magnificent golden retriever, he also keeps a few different species of pet birds, as well as a roly-poly hamster.