Nurturing Bird Adopts Store-Bought Egg and It Unexpectedly Hatches

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You’d never expect a store-bought egg to hatch, but one family was in for a surprise. In the United States, eggs are refrigerated, which diminishes any chance of them actually hatching (even if you tried to incubate one). Japan, however, keeps their fresh, unfertilized eggs at room temperature, and they can last about a week this way thanks to a naturally protective layer.

Although Japan keeps their consumer eggs unrefrigerated, it’s very rare that a fertilized egg would somehow be in the mix. It’s this fact that makes the story of YouTuber LUNA ANGEL so incredible. According to Luna, she randomly picked one quail egg from a pack purchased at a Japanese supermarket. Upon returning home, she gave it to her budgie, Pi-chan. The colorful bird then adopted the egg and nested it as if were her own. To Luna’s immense surprise, the egg eventually hatched and an adorably fuzzy baby quail emerged!

Luna named the newborn creature Yuzu, and it’s small enough to fit in her hand. She documented its growth, including the moment when it found steady footing and began to walk. Watch the sweet story in Luna’s video, below.