New Sailor Moon-Themed Cafe In Japan Lets You Eat Your Favorite Characters

Posted on Food 11

Did you know that the popular Japanese anime Sailor Moon has also been turned into manga, stage musicals, live-action TV drama, and lately… into a cafe. Finally, you don’t have to leave the world of Sailor Moon even for a food break!

The anime-themed dishes include Good Friends Luna and Artemis Burger (it goes for around $15) and Tuxedo Mask Jet-Black Curry (around $13,50) among other recognizable characters in edible form.

Unfortunately, this themed cafe is not a permanent facility and after opening on September 22 in Tokyo and September 28 in Osaka, it will close in late October. So hurry up if you want to stuff your belly with anime!

More info: Sailor Moon Cafe 2017 | demilked (h/t: rocketnews24)