More Accurate World Map Wins At The Design Awards In Japan

Posted on Design 137

Did you know that the World map we know and use today is actually not accurate at all? Yeah, the scale is completely distorted, making Greenland as big as Africa, while in reality, it wouldn’t fill even the 1/14th of the continent (you can play with the scale here). So designer Hajime Narukawa decided to portray a more accurate view of the world.

As a result, he’s created The AuthaGraph World Map which correctly represents the distances between land masses while also keeping the scale accurate. The new World map also got recognized in the Japan’s Good Design Awards, where it actually won the Grand Award.

The map is already used in Japanese textbooks by the students and it’s actually rather weird how it’s not used throughout the globe. Because, you know, that’s how the world actually looks like.

More info: good design award | demilked (h/t: inhabitots)