Meet Zeus: The Rescued Blind Owl With Stars In His Eyes

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One morning, someone in Southern California found an injured owl on their porch. It turned out to be a blind Western Screech Owl with eyes that look like a starry night. After a visit to the vet, the owl found a new permanent home at the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, California. He was named “Zeus” after the Greek god of sky and thunder because of his stunning eyes.

Zeus was injured when he was found on that front porch in South California, but the dedicated team of animal lovers at the center helped him on his feet again. Since he was blind, they couldn’t simply release him back into the wild, so he now lives in a trunk on the filing cabinet next to Wildlife Learning Center founder Paul Hahn’s desk.

This is Zeus, a blind starry-eyed owl who currently lives at the Wildlife Learning Center, Sylmar, California

Zeus The Rescued Blind Owl 1

The little guy was found lying on a front porch near the Wildlife Center. He flew into the wall of a house and hit his head

Zeus The Rescued Blind Owl 2

They couldn’t simply release him into the dangerous wild so they kept him in the Center

Zeus The Rescued Blind Owl 3

Since he had mesmerizing starry eyes, they named him Zeus, the God of the Sky

Zeus The Rescued Blind Owl 4

Now Zeus is a full-time resident of Wildlife Learning Center, bringing happiness to every visitor

Zeus The Rescued Blind Owl 5

The poor fella was scared, but otherwise undamaged. They discovered that the cause of his accident was his blindness

Zeus The Rescued Blind Owl 6

He even has a toy friend and loves Halloween!

Zeus The Rescued Blind Owl 7

Zeuss is very friendly and loves to be near people, so if you’re ever in California, be sure to visit him and his friends in the Wildlife Learning Center

Zeus The Rescued Blind Owl 8

If you liked Zeus’s story, be sure to visit the Wildlife Learning Center’s web page to see the amazing work that they do with animals

Zeus The Rescued Blind Owl 4