Meet Skellie: The Skeleton Who Imitates Every Girl on Instagram Ever

Posted on Fun 30

The Instagram account omgliterallydead makes fun of typical girl Instagram photos with the help of this skeleton…

Beauty secret: organic papaya face mask and vegan gluten free cucumber slices.

Meet Skellie 1


Meet Skellie 2

Some days you just need to relax, unwind, and have some me time, y’know? #metime

Meet Skellie 3

Feeling like an Autumn princess in my DIY flower crown and faux-vegan-fur cape.

Meet Skellie 4

Work selfie!!!

Meet Skellie 5

Half an hour on the elliptical counts as leg day, right? Literally so dead right now.

Meet Skellie 6

Meet Skellie 7

Don’t worry boys, it doesn’t take me THAT long to get ready in the morning.

Meet Skellie 8

OMG totally indulging and treating myself because I’m worth it!!

Meet Skellie 9

Brunch. #bunchwithbaes #hangovercure

Meet Skellie 10

Winter has my bones feeling like icicles – thank the universe for hot tubs, amiright?!?

Meet Skellie 11

Shopped ’til I dropped

Meet Skellie 12

Wearing my red #converse, and feeling SO #punk

Meet Skellie 13

I’m totally a Rachel! #friends #netflix

Meet Skellie 14

Meet Skellie 1