Man Perfectly Pairs the Colorful Pastries and Desserts of Paris with His Shoes

With a big appetite and a closet to match, graphic designer and chef pâtissier Tal Spiegel has paired two of his passions into a fashionably tasteful photo project—his colorful collection of shoes and an assortment of Parisian pastries. Cleverly titled Desserted in Paris, the quirky series features photos of matching shoes and desserts, worn and gobbled up (respectively, of course) by Spiegel on the streets of Paris.

Spiegel documents his color-coordinated combinations on his Instagram account, where he has amassed a large and loyal following thanks to his taste in both sweets and shoes. Each photograph features a close-up shot of the pastry held above his feet. With their bright colors and decorative embellishments, many of the the pastries look more like miniature works of art and less like baked goods, a visual emphasized by Spiegel’s photographic focus and concentration on color.

As a pastry chef himself, Spiegel enjoys trying treats as unusual and unique as his footwear. Though he does often dabble in the macarons and eclairs typical of any Parisian pastry shop (who wouldn’t?), he also features desserts with a twist; coriander, pepper, and basil are just a few of the unconventional toppings of choice.

If you like what you see on Spiegel’s feet or in his hand, he helpfully accompanies each picture with a caption that cites the bakery, provides details about the type, ingredients, and flavors of each pastry, and credits the brand behind each pair of shoes.

mymodernmet Instagram | Facebook h/t: [Zeutch]

All images via Tal Spiegel.