Luxury Food Truck is Full-Service Restaurant on Wheels

Posted on Lifestyle 143

A little known fact about French car manufacturer Peugeot is that before it created cars, the brand was known for creating tableware and pepper mills. To celebrate this convergence of car and food, Peugeot Design Lab—the company’s global design studio—created a food truck that combines auto innovation with culinary ingenuity.

The food truck, which is the first of its kind from the company, envisages a luxury version of meals-on-wheels, recreating a restaurant on the road.

The truck is designed for urban environments, so is compact enough to travel down busy streets, but then can be opened up into a restaurant-like space. The truck’s ‘wings’ can be opened so that it doubles in width once parked. Within, there are areas for food preparation, dining and refreshments, as well as a DJ booth.

Unlike most standard food trucks, that leave diners to find their own way after buying food, the wandering restaurant, dubbed Le Bistro du Lion, comes with everything to accommodate up to 30 diners. There are stashable standing tables and parasols, speakers linked to an entertainment system and a television so visitors can watch the chef work.

The kitchen is fully equipped for any calibre of chef, with two grilling plates, four induction burners as well as a deep fryer. The first to trial the bistro will be French chef Sven Chartier.

Launched in Paris recently, the truck has now travelled to Milan for the furniture fair. It will then drive across town and remained parked in Milan for the next six months as the city hosts the World Expo, which is dedicated to the future of food.