These People Turned Log Piling Into An Art Form

Can piling logs be an art form? Yes, apparently. There are people out there who arrange huge log piling into an art form that will gradually disappear as they are burned throughout the cold winter months.

It can all seem a bit absurd until you realize that, depending on the type of wood and how they’re cut, logs actually present quite the variety of colors and textures for someone with the patience and the eye to take advantage of them. There are even art galleries that have showcased art like this.

Log Piling Into An Art Form

Created by: Gary Tallman

Log Piling Into An Art Form

Created by: Alastair Heseltine

Log Piling Into An Art Form

Image credits: Lyn / Neale

wood-pile-art 4

Created by Gary Tallman

wood-pile-art 5

Created by: Olle Hagman

wood-pile-art 6

Image credits: David Henry

wood-pile-art 7

Created by Gary Tallman

wood-pile-art 8

Created by: Gyula Varnai

wood-pile-art 1