Living the High Life: The World’s 10 Best Roof-toppers

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Denmark’s Playground Roof

1 Denmark’s Playground Roof

2 Denmark’s Playground Roof

In the heavily populated city of Copenhagen, backyards just aren’t an option for most occupants. The solution? Build a backyard/playground on your roof! JDS Architects created this rooftop play area to include a grassy hill and fence. It provides the kids a place to play in the daytime and stunning views of the city in the evening.

Singapore’s Rooftop Infinity Pool

1 Singapore’s Rooftop Infinity Pool

2 Singapore’s Rooftop Infinity Pool

Topping the fancy Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore is an infinity pool that you won’t want to swim off the edge of—considering that it is 55 stories up. While the pool is impressive, it is only a small part of the hotel’s rooftop attractions. There are restaurants, viewpoints and trees that patrons can bask under depending on their taste.

South Africa’s Trailer Park Roof

1 South Africa’s Trailer Park Roof

2 South Africa’s Trailer Park Roof

Topping the Grand Daddy Hotel in Cape Town is an Airstream lover’s dream. Known as the Airstream Penthouse Park, this collection of trailers was lifted to the top of the hotel where local artists/designers worked their magic on them. Each trailer is a suite at the hotel and go for about $90 per night.

Dubai’s Tennis Court Top

1 Dubai’s Tennis Court Top

2 Dubai’s Tennis Court Top

A small extrusion on one of the most recognizable buildings in the world, this tennis court is not for the faint of heart. While tennis balls often fall off of the platform, the key if you’re playing on this court is to make sure that you don’t run too quickly to return a shot or you may just find yourself floating down to the ground below!

Japan’s Roller Coaster Roof

1 Japan’s Roller Coaster Roof

2 Japan’s Roller Coaster Roof

Topping a department store in Japan, this coaster can be seen for miles around. While it may look like a fun ride, this roller coaster actually never opened because engineers feared that the lateral forces exerted from running the coaster would cause the building to collapse.

Thailand’s Rooftop Bar

1 Thailand’s Rooftop Bar

2 Thailand’s Rooftop Bar

At 63 floors up, this open-air bar is sure to leave an impression. Not only do you get to enjoy an excellent experience outside, the bar offers unparalleled views of Bangkok and the nearby Chao Phraya River. Offering the world’s finest drinks and an ambiance unmatched by most other bars, the next time you’re in Bangkok, take your date here for an unforgettable experience.

Australia’s Cinema Rooftop

1 Australia’s Cinema Rooftop

2 Australia’s Cinema Rooftop

Coupling the experience of outdoor movies with grand rooftop views, this theater will leave you wondering if you should watch the movie or the surrounding scenery. This theater serves alcohol during the film along with the usual movie theater sides and shows a variety of films. If you like classic, current and art-house films, drop in to this theater next time you’re down under.

Singapore’s Garden Roof

1 Singapore’s Garden Roof

2 Singapore’s Garden Roof

While many buildings have plants topping their buildings, few do it so extensively or stylishly as the Sky Gardens at Pinnacle. This housing complex has gardens located on both the 26th and 50th floors and offers occupants more than just a stroll: the gardens run continuously along 7 linked buildings, meaning that you could enjoy a hike while still technically being “at home.”

Austria’s Office on a Roof

1 Austria’s Office on a Roof

2 Austria’s Office on a Roof

This office is actually an addition onto an old building that features extremely modern, sweeping architecture to make the board room and offices absolutely unique. It is the work of Wolf Prix and Helmut Swiczinsky who designed the addition for a law firm looking to expand their company’s conference room space.

Chicago’s Farm Roof

1 Chicago’s Farm Roof

2 Chicago’s Farm Roof

In order to make their food more natural, owners of the Uncommon Ground restaurant in Chicago decided to build a rooftop farm to grow and harvest organic food for their diners. Besides their commercial agendas, the restaurant also hopes to educate the community about the benefits of having urban farms.

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