Levitating “Air Bonsai” Uses Magnets to Float Twirling Plant in Mid-Air

The Air Bonsai combines the beauty of nature with the mesmerizing effects of levitation. Designed as a miniature planter, it utilizes the opposing forces of magnetic energy to make a real plant hover and spin, appearing as though it’s magically floating in mid-air.

The unique planter works with two main components: the six-inch diameter “energy base,” made from Japanese ceramic; and the levitating “little star” moss ball. Both come with built-in magnets, and the base also has an accompanying AC adapter. A basic set starts at $200 and for $30 more, you can have a lava stone plant base (instead of the moss).

The Air Bonsai was launched by a team in the Kyushu region of Japan, and they’re funding its production through aKickstarter campaign. Although it’s wildly popular, the product comes with a caveat. Due to strict import restrictions, the makers point out that “the actual plants we will be using to send to you is for example ‘matsu,’ a pine tree [common in the United States].” This fact doesn’t take away from the overall visual impact of the Air Bonsai—a myriad of plants will look stunning after its expected shipment in August of this year.

More info: mymodernmethoshinchuKickstarter