LEGO Artist Spends 3 Days Making This Statue, Kid Destroys It In Seconds

Posted on Fun 202

The LEGO artist Zhao spent three long days making this awesome man-sized LEGO statue of Nick Wilde the fox from Zootopia… only to see it shattered into pieces by a curious youngster.

Valued at $15,000 the statue was one of the exhibitions in the LEGO Expo in Ningbo, China. One hour into the show the statue caught the attention of one of the young visitors, who climbed under the security ropes to take a closer look. Yeah, you know what happened next…

The kid’s parents offered compensation, but Zhao refused, discounting the incident to an unfortunate accident and kids being kids.

More info: demilked (h/t: boredpanda)

Artist Zhao spent 3 long days working on a giant Zootopia LEGO sculpture


What can go wrong with the security ropes around the sculpture?


An hour after the exhibition opened, it looked like this