Judging America: Photographer Challenges Our Prejudice By Alternating Between Judgment And Reality

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Joel Parés, a U.S. Marine-turned-photographer, has created a photo series that seeks to question the ugly prejudices that many of us harbor, to one extent or another, against groups of people different from ourselves.

Parés’ images at first present us with characters symbolic of the prejudices suffered by various groups based on their ethnicity, socio-economic status or sexual preference. Then, however, they show us the real people behind these often false characters – the violent gangster turns out to be a Harvard graduate and an exhausted gardener turns out to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

Many of us judge incorrectly by someone’s ethnicity, by their profession, and by their sexual interest,” Parés told PetaPixel. “The purpose of this series is to open our eyes and make us think twice before judging someone, because we all judge even if we try not to.

Famous painter Alexander Huffman

Judging Americas 10

Family outreach program founder Ben Alvarez

Judging America 9

iPhone app inventor Joseph Messer

Judging America 8

Widowed mother of 3 Jane Nguyen

Judging America 7

Iraq Combat Veteran Jacob Williams

Judging America 6

Stanford Graduate School student Sammie Lee

Judging America 5

Fortune 500 CEO Edgar Gonzalez

Judging America 4

Pastor/Missionary Jack Johnson

Judging America 3

New York City nurse Sahar Shaleem

Judging America 2

Harvard graduate Jefferson Moon

Judging America 1

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Judging America 1