Japanese artists creates animal sculptures out of newspaper and they look alive

Posted on Sculpture 134

It’s just mind-blowing how truly talented people are able to come up with new unimaginable techniques and ideas and create genuine masterpieces out of nowhere. These artists, photographers, sculptors and other craftsmen use the power of their mind to make something beautiful often out of materials at hand and inspire other people to translate their ideas into reality, sending a powerful message and the call for action just like they do.

The photographs below present the work of a young Japanese artist Chie Hitotsuyama, who uses tightly rolled strips (or straws) of wet newspaper to create her incredibly realistic three-dimensional, usually life-size sculptures of wild animals.

She explained what served as the impetus for her paper-based works. When she was working as an illustrator, she visited one of the national parks in Zambia, where she saw an injured rhinoceros. She met a ranger who explained her the heartbreaking rate at which the number of rhinos reduces in the wild and told her about the inhuman cruelty those animals suffer from. A lot of them get slaughtered by poachers, who hunt rhinos to sell their horns on the black market despite the punishment defined by law and the level of protection the rangers try to ensure.

This brutal reality pushed her to share the truth and make more people aware of the issue through her first paper sculpture – rhino. One thing she’s the most particular about when creating her textured life-sized paper sculptures is the realistic feel of the animals.

Thanks to her talent and detailed work, her animals look almost alive, touching the people’s heart with their vulnerability. As she says, animals, the main heroes of her newspaper compositions, and people are equal as they live on the same planet as we do. All she wants is to express that life and the love to the wildlife. And she does an amazing job at it.

Currently, her sculptures are exhibited in California. Newspapers won’t look the same to you after you see these creatures.


All pictures belong to Hitotsuyama Studio Photography