Inventor Creates High Voltage Ejector Bed For People Who Can’t Wake Up

Posted on Lifestyle 138

Colin Furze, the mad engineer who created a brilliant set of retractable working Wolverine claws, has come up with a new invention that is equal parts brilliant and insane. When it’s time to wake up, his High Voltage Ejector Bed won’t take no (or “5 more minutes”) for an answer – it will literally throw you out of bed to the sound of ringing bells and car horns!

As is customary with Furze’s crazy inventions, the majority of it was assembled by him in his garage. An ordinary domestic compressor powers the home-made pistons that throw you out of bed.

Furze worked as a plumber before hosting the Gadget Geeks show on Sky1. He got the idea from his Youtube channel viewers and was supported by an endorsement deal from a coffee brand called Taylors of Harrogate – and he acknowledges that he was inspired by Wallace and Grommit, too!