Intricately Carved Wooden Animal Sculptures Leap to Life

Posted on Art 1369

Rippling muscles, thick horns, and fur so realistic that you can almost feel the wind blowing through it—Guiseppe Rumerio sculpts lifelike animals with the most intrinsic anatomical details to bring his wooden creatures to life. Tucked away in Ortisei, a small town in Northern Italy, this gifted sculptor has made a name for himself in the woodworking community with his breathtaking carvings, clearly expressing his fascination with nature. All of his wood sculptures are painstakingly hand-carved, exhibiting intricate details that reveal an authentic sense of life flowing from artist to creation.

Each of his pieces begin life uniquely, as Rumerio draws upon a variety of elements including books and pictures in order to create his dynamic and animated menagerie. “My great passion is observing animals,” Rumerio admits, “therefore much of my work shows them in their natural style.” With over 30 years of experience, the sculptor has fine-tuned his techniques, taking cues from masters before him. In fact, woodcarving is a 300-year-old tradition in Rumerio’s community and the artist himself began his first apprenticeship at the age of 14. Today, he is a master carver with a global reputation, creating striking works from his little studio that serves as a shrine to the magnificent nature that surrounds and inspires him.

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Wooden Animal Sculptures 1

Wooden Animal Sculptures 2

Wooden Animal Sculptures 3

Wooden Animal Sculptures 4

Wooden Animal Sculptures 5

Wooden Animal Sculptures 6

Wooden Animal Sculptures 7

Wooden Animal Sculptures 8

Wooden Animal Sculptures 9

Wooden Animal Sculptures 10

Wooden Animal Sculptures 11

Wooden Animal Sculptures 12

Wooden Animal Sculptures 13

Wooden Animal Sculptures 14

Wooden Animal Sculptures 15

Wooden Animal Sculptures 16

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