In a Rich Man’s World: Money and ‘The Fight Of The Century’

Posted on Sport 21

After a stunning Welterweight Championship win by Floyd Mayweather over rival Manny Pacquiao, we thought it would be appropriate to list a few facts about how much money is involved in these fights.

This fight has the highest live gate receipts ever


The live gate receipt refers to the money made from physical ticket sales. The previous record for ticket sales was $20 million for the 2013 for the Mayweather/Alvarez fight. This fight brought in $70 million.

Pay-per-view purchasers


The real money-maker for these fights is the pay-per-view revenue. The record for most pay-per-viewers was set in 2007 during the De la Hoya/Mayweather fight, and was 2.48 million. This fight was at over 3 million.

Pay-Per-View Revenue


Fights can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 to watch and this fight brought in over $300 million in pay-per-view sales. Previous numbers have never even come close to that number.



Both fighters, regardless of who wins or loses, will take home a killing after the fight is over. The most a fighter will has earned before this fight was Floyd Mayweather’s earnings of $70 million when he fought Alvarez. Regardless of the outcome, Mayweather was guaranteed $120 million and Pacquiao was guaranteed $80 million. And that was before the pay-per-view earnings were even taken into consideration!

50 Cent


On top of his $1.6 million bet on Floyd Mayweather, 50 cent made almost $1 million dollars just for concerts he put on in the area around the time of the fight. The hype that the fight generated created quite a paycheck for this rapper, who won big on his bet.

Bieber’s Bet


Justin Bieber lost big for his bet against his pal Floyd Mayweather. Bieber bet $2 million that Pacquiao would win and he lost big when the Pac-Man couldn’t come through.

Adrien Broner’s Bet


Former boxer Adrian Broner called this fight like he knew what he was talking about…this three-time boxing champ said that he would be betting on Mayweather because, “I think he [Mayweather] can stop Pacquiao. I’m betting on a stoppage. I’ll probably put like $25,000 to $50,000 on the fight, but I’m going to put at least, you know, $10,000 on the stoppage. I’d say about eighth round.”

Resale Ticket Prices


If you had wanted to get a ticket for the fight, resale values were at just under $11,000.00 per ticket. If you could manage to scrape up that kind of cash, you would be one of the lucky 17,000 people who got to see the fight live. While you might say that some tickets were originally sold for $10,000.0, the lower-priced tickets started at $1,500.00 meaning you could have made about 8 times what you spent by reselling one of those tickets!

Mayweather’s Money


Even before the amount Mayweather made from this fight, he was reportedly worth $280 million. With an income of over 100 million a year, that number will only continue to go up. The incredible earnings that Mayweather has pulled in from his fights have made him the top paid athlete in the world, and if you were to make as much as he did from this fight, you’d be making about $3.4 million per minute.

Weigh-In Tickets


Because the negotiations for this fight drug on and on, lots of people had built up such an anticipation of the fight that they wanted to see any piece of it that they could. The hype built up to such a point that tickets for just the weigh in were going for about $155 per ticket.

Money’s Mouth Guard


Because Mayweather has money to throw around, it is no surprise that something as simple as his mouth guard still costs a pretty penny. His mouth guard cost $25,000 and was specially made with a $100 bill that can be seen through the transparent plastic material.

Friendly Bet


While this bet isn’t the biggest of the bets put on the fight, Mark Whalberg and Sean “Diddy” Combs bet against each other on the fight. The bet was in good spirits, and each put up $250,000.00, with Whalberg betting on the Pac-Man and Combs betting on Mayweather. Combs walked away 250 thousand richer after the fight, though a paltry sum in comparison to what the fighters brought home.

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